Pastures and lakes of upper Swat

Now as the summer tourism in the tourist heaven, Swat, is at its peak we, therefore, wish to present a few of the best photos from Tariq Siddiq Kohistani’s Photobook.

We always encourage people to visit Swat and its upper mountainous valleys. We love to greet them here with the caution, ‘leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs’.

Nature has bestowed us with its bounty full of beautiful valleys, waterfalls, azure lakes, emerald green pastures and crystal clean water streams. It becomes our obligation to keep this beauty clean, fresh and virgin.

Ismiz Lake: It is in the pasture of Loyapaneghalay in Utror valley in Swat. This pasture is reached from the Utror village.

Izmis lake is situated at 12,274ft in Loypanaghaly region of Utror in Swat. Photo Tariq Siddiq Kohistani

Daral Pass:

This is the junction of Lalku Valley and Daral Valley. Two routes/treks lead to it. One is from the Lalku Valley in Sakhra Tehsil Matta whereas the main route is from Bahrain town through the Daral valley.

Daral pass 12,000ft connects Lalku valley in Tehsil Matta with the Daral valley which opens in Bahrain town in Tehsil Bahrain. Photo Tariq Siddiq Kohistani

Navi Baanda:

It is near Loyepaneghaly in the Utror hills. It is easily reached from Utror village and is a trekkers’ heaven.

Sunrise in Navi Baanda (new pasture) in the Loypanaghaly pasture of Utror Swat. Photo Tariq Siddiq Kohistani

Torwal village:

It is four kilometers on the road to Kalam from the town of Bahrain in Swat. This village still retains the name of the entire area which was known as Tuaal (Torwal) with Baraniyal (Bahrain) as its capital. The photo is taken from the ridge of Gurnaal (Gurnai) village which is up in the hill hidden from the main road.

Torwal village area from Gurnal–photo Tariq Siddiq Kohistani

A rainbow over the forests in Swat.

Captured right after a rainbow and light on dense forest is adding drama to this landscape..Photo and caption by Tariq Siddiq Kohistani

Lower Swat hills

This mountainscape was captured on the way down from loysar summit, mountain layers of Lower swat valley till the mountains of upper dir are visible Tehsil Babuzai-Photo by Tariq Siddiq Kohistani

Daral Lake:

An abode of fairies atop the Daral valley in Bahrain Swat. It is one of most mesmerizing lakes in upper Swat. The route to it is through the Daral valley from Bahrain Swat. Routes from Dir Kohistan’s Jaaz Baanda, Kandol Lake in Utror, Kedam Valley near Bahrain and Lalku Valley from Sakhra in Matta Tehsil also meet here. The famous pasture near this lake is known as Dand Ghara (lake side).

Daral Lake is at 10.550 ft high in Daral Valley , Tehsil Bahrain-Photo by Tariq Siddiq Kohistani
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